IT Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures: The criticality of hiring the right team

“I was shocked when my attempt to communicate with our entire community failed because of a flawed Day 1 plan that didn’t consider this basic ability?!!!”, asked a CEO of a large global conglomerate.

Imagine the inability to send a welcome email on Day 1 and the subsequent impact on your newly formed organization.

The only constant in the world of large enterprises is change. Organizations frequently shift strategies, tactics, and focal points within industries.

Almost as frequently, organizational growth sidesteps the traditional organic variety of internal growth, by leveraging Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture (M*A*D) transactions.

From small startups with big ideas, to established household name giants combining forces, M*A*D transactions are an integral and historic part of business strategy. This also means the business landscape is littered with a spectrum of M*A*D successes and backbreaking flops.

So, what separates the successes from the failures in this multitude of M*A*D experiments?

How do you sidestep the pitfalls and avoid the disruption of your business operations?

How do you prevent the nightmare scenario highlighted at the beginning of this article?

Hire an experienced leadership team with a track record of delivering success.

The TechFides team of dedicated professional leaders, designed the TechFidelity playbook which applies a pragmatic and comprehensive approach to seamlessly manage these complex IT challenges.

Complications of M*A*D transactions, like meshing various functions of each entity, establishing synergies from engineering, R&D, accounting, and finance etc. and the systems and platforms relied upon, requires careful and methodical planning and execution.

Without experienced leadership, and more importantly, the RIGHT kind of experience, M*A*D integrations stand little chance of flawless execution. Business operations across the new organization (not just IT) will almost invariably be disrupted, or even worse, ground to a halt. Rather than predicting and avoiding mistakes, organizations are left scrambling to remediate mistakes and gauging the impacts of these blunders.

Is Outside Help REALLY Needed? Consider these important attributes our team provides:

  • Experienced Leadership: We are not your typical IT Consultant! The TechFides team has extensive backgrounds in managing enterprise IT teams and environments. None are career consultants. We have managed numerous global M*A*D projects and understand how to mitigate the risks and pitfalls of these complex transactions. We ask the right questions.     
  • Dedication: Dedicated attention from a knowledgeable and experienced team alleviates pressure on your internal IT staff, provides higher quality results and allows your internal team to focus on keeping the lights on performing their “regular” day jobs during these complex projects.

When you understand the complexities and risks of M*A*D projects, it becomes clear why bringing in professionals to manage these efforts is critical to the success of your company’s integration.

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