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Our Community

At TechFides, we are more than just an IT company. As a team, we focus on giving back to the community and our environment, by availing our time and resources. We give a percentage of our profit to our selected charitable organizations, aiming not only to provide for immediate needs, but to help build a foundation that creates long lasting positive effects in the lives of those around us. At TechFides, we care about our community.

What We Value...

We strive to support worthy causes at both local and global levels.

Being good stewards to our planet should be common sense. Promoting clean, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly policies and solutions to protect our ever-giving earth is our civic duty.
Everyone Deserves A Clean Environment
Our founder created ULC to provide books and library resources in low and middle-income countries, of which many communities had never heard of the concept of libraries. Providing these educational opportunities is one of our key philanthropic efforts.
Everyone Deserves An Education
Universal Learning Centre
TechFides operates under the core belief that all humans are created equally, and deserve the same rights. “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right” -MLK
Human Rights Apply To Everyone

Growing up and experiencing true hardship has blessed me with a constant yearning to help others. I feel it is my duty to give back to a community that has blessed me in such incredible ways.

Jacques Jean, Founder & CEO

More About Our Community...

Our involvement with the community is simple. In the social interests of all our customers and employees, we will ensure that we support them in order to have a positive impact in the community that they deeply cherish.

From Texas, to both North and South Carolina, to Mexico, and through our partnerships with organizations, we give back to our community in many ways. 

At TechFides, we wholeheartedly believe everyone deserves an education, a clean environment, and a loving community.  

Through supporting TechFides, you support the community, and we will all come

Together for 
a Better Future

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