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Solutions designed to maximize the strengths and take advantage of the nuances of government agencies by targeting operational efficiency, human resources, and analytical agility

Value Proposition

TechFides government solutions are tailored to the inherent differences in commercial operations and government agencies, and help your organization take full advantage of your unique strengths and advantages, and identify and minimize inherent government model risks. Our solutions assess and improve inter- and trans-agency digitization grades, analyze and optimize IT performance measures relative to agency strategies and deliverables, and provide a robust IT framework and plan for site moves and closures.

Agency Capabilities Assessment

Understand your agency strongpoints by pinpointing where your people, tools, and processes excel

Agency Capability Framework

 Identify risks and gaps in your agency structure, and plan and mitigate to prevent operational disruption

Program Enabling Organization Capabilities

Stay ahead of technology trends with quality planning, forecasting, and innovation to better serve your constituents

Agency IT Portfolio Management

Predict demand and technological disruptions before they happen, and have an effective technology roadmap in place

2 Stage Process

Macro Level Digitization Maturity Assessment

Assess the Enterprise’s Digitization Readiness / Maturity. Takes a multi-dimensional view to organization’s digital maturity and identify pre requisite items for Digital transformation success as well as risk mitigation strategies.

Business Capability Digital Transformation Opportunity identification

Identify opportunities to achieve break-though business outcomes through leveraging appropriate Digital solutions across the enterprise. Prioritize, fund and execute projects based on business impact and return on investment.

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