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IT Performance Management

“Only 28% believed their organizations were actually effective at performance management...”               - Forbes

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The Alignment between Business Strategy / Operational Goals and IT Capabilities – examines KPIs, Service Levels and Budgets.

  • Focuses IT Resources on projects/operations that grow sales, reduce costs and align the IT organization with Corporate Goals

  • Demonstrates business value of each IT project or operation

  • Allows reallocation of IT resources to projects/operations of most importance to the corporation

  • Facilitates the elimination of IT projects not delivering expected benefits

IT Performance Management - TechFides

In the constantly evolving technology world, it’s often difficult to gauge how optimal and efficient your IT organization is. TechFides specializes in IT Performance Management, by thoroughly assessing your processes and how effective they are in meeting your deliverables and organizational strategies. Through integration, scalability, automation, capacity management, and alignment, TechFides can help you streamline the processes that support your IT portfolio, saving your enterprise both time and money.

View some of our case studies here.

Macro Capabilities

Managing IT like a business

Cost Center
Service Center
Investment Center
Value Center

Managing the IT Budget

Predictable Performance

Systematic Cost Reduction
Expanded Funding Options
Sustainable Economic Model

Managing the IT Capability

Technology Supplier
Technology Expert
Strategic Business Partner
Corporate Core Capability

Managing IT for Business Value

Total Cost of Ownership
ROI and Business Case
Options and Portfolio Management
Optimized Value

Macro Capabilities

Managing IT Like a Business

Managing the IT Budget

Managing the IT Capability

Managing IT for Business Value

Capability Improvement Program


Create a Climate for Change
Establish Initial Priorities


Engage the Organization
Plan the Change Program


Introduce New Practices
Implement Business Changes


Maintain the Momentum
Institutionalize Changes

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