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Solutions that align and optimize the unique delivery frameworks of donor-driven organizations.

Value Proposition

TechFides Non-Profit solutions are designed to ensure that the maximum amount of your mission-driven donations goes towards helping your beneficiaries/constituents, helping clients focus on good stewardship of the money entrusted to them. Automated workflows in your front-end Development Operations make managing all of your donors, from grassroots to major grantors, clean and simplified. Comprehensive, well-configured tools give you full control and visibility of your campaigns, partners, and marketing collateral. Aligned backend tools ensure the funds your organization is entrusted with flow efficiently and seamlessly to the places where they have the most impact and benefit.

Business Capabilities Assessment

Understand your organizational strengths and how effectively they’re being utilized and maximized
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Business Capabilities Framework

Identify weaknesses and gaps in your organizational structure, and build a plan to turn risks into opportunities
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Program Enabling Business Capabilities

Forecast the technology landscape in your industry to consistently deliver results to the people you serve
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Enterprise IT Portfolio Alignment

Streamline your technology suite so that every moving part has a purpose and role in serving your constituents
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Connect Your Stakeholders

The People Who Believe In What You Do

Align your technology roadmap and capabilities with the strategic vision of your organization, and give your donors full confidence through transparency and simplicity.

The People Who Rely On Your Contributions

Make sure your hard-earned donations make it to the people you serve. Deliver your services quickly and efficiently to those who need it most.

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